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We are "CHLIRO INDIA", (Cultural Historical Linguistic Indigenous Research Organization of India), a Registered Body. We consist of Experts in Indian Culture, History and Indigenous Languages. We do Research in the Grass Root level to bring out true history of India. We believe in Unification rather than Divisions. We find about 300 branches of Nadars in India known in different linguistic names. We do not claim the research is complete, it still continues. However, we take responsibility to substantiate our facts and arguments from authentic sources. Those who follow the 'Conventional' foreign thought process of historical approach might find it difficult to accept some of these facts. This is based on a 'Critical History' of archaeological, Cultural, Historical and Genetic analysis of People and History, which are buried under the sands of time due to various reasons. If questioned we can explain to the viewers. We welcome like-minded tribes and branches to transact suggestions for improvement. So far, Seven 'National Conferences' have been initiated with our sister tribes like Idigas, Bhunts, Kalar, Jaiswals, Gouds, Alvars, Ezhavas, Chouhans, Ahlvalia, Bhoumick, Bhandare, Villavas, Madhvas, etc., at Bopal, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Chennai, Nagarcoil, Bombay, and at Madurai. Still, more yet to be done. We have also conducted 'Critical' discussions among the experts about facts displayed here. We need constructive participation from you.

The Experts responsible for this site are:
  • Prof. Dr. P.Sarveswaran - a Distinguished Historian and author.
  • Engr. J.A.L.Ganesan - a Quality Control Engineer, Linguist and author
  • Dr.M.Immanuel - a Social Scientist, author of many books
  • F.A.M. Xavier - a Sociologist, Editor Tamil Magazines
  • Prof. Dr.P. Sundaralingom - author, Professor, Historian and a Lawyer.
  • Advocate R. Radhakrishnan
The other coordinating Members are: M/s.Cheral Athen, Sundera George, Titus, Abraham Lincoln, Ratna Swamy

Our E-mail for contact is :-
You can mail us at : [email protected]
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