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Books and Palm-Leaf Texts, Copper Plates on Nadars - Nadar India
Books and Palm-Leaf Texts, Copper Plates on Nadars.
(many of the books are 'Rare' not easily available).

1. 1850: Robert Caldwell - The Tinnevelly Shanars (the first book to confuse Nadar history and finally, the book was withdrawn by him for his incomplete conclusions -on popular demand)
2. 1871: H.Martin Winfred - Shandrar Marapu
3. 1874: S.Winfred - Shandrar Kula Marapu Kattalai
4. 1880: Samuel Sargunar - Dravida Kshatriya
5. 1883: Ponnusamy Nadar - Pandya Kula Vilakkam
6. 1883. Samuel Sargunar - Bishop Caldwell and the Tinnevelly Shanars
7. 1889: Shanmuga Gramani - Shandraragiya Sooriya, Chandra Paramparai
8. 1889. Y.Gnanamuthu Nadar - Shanars are Kshatriyas
9. 1892. K.Shanmuga Gramani - Pallihal Vayappu
10.1900. Manicka Kavairayar -Sivakasi Prabandham
11. S.B.Nayaka Nattar (P.V.Pandion) - A short Account of the Chantrars or Tamil Xatras
12. 1902: K. Kannayira Nadar- Tamil Kshatriya Kula Vilakkam Vinavidai
13. 1910. Dr.A.C. Acirvatham Nadar and T.T.Thomas Nadar - Shanrar Ethnography
14. 1910. T.Vijaya Doraisamy Gramani - Arya Kshatriya Vilakkam
15. 1911. P.V.Pandion - Chandror Sangam
16. 1911. P.V.Pandion - A Memorial from Nabbi P.V.Pandion, on Behalf of the Nadar Community to J.C.Malony, Esq.,.I.C.S, Superintendent of Census Operation, Madras, 1911.
17. 1911. A.N.Sattampillai Aiya - The Chantro-Memorial, a Pettition of the Chantra (Nadar ) Community about their caste misspelt "shanar" found in Ethnography
18. 1914. Sathiyanatha Kavirayar - Shandrar Puranam
19. 1918. B.J.M. Kulasekhara Raj - Nadar Caruaru - A Brief Account of Nadar Race
20. 1922. T.Viojayadoraisamy Gramani - Namathu Kula Thozhil Yaathu
21. 1923. T.Vijayadoraisamy Gramani - Kshatriya
22. 1924. Bhupathi Chinna Lakshmana Raja - Shanar Kshatriya
23. 1926. T.Vijayadoraimsamy Gramani - Namathu Kula Thozhil
24. 1927. T.Vijayadorasamy - Nadar Ennum Sol Araadchi, Arasa Kulathai kurithu Ezhuthiya oru
25. 1927. S.A.Veerasamy Naidu - Nadar Kulathilaha Nattamil Kalanjiyam
26. 1931. T. Massilamani Nadar - Pandiya Deya Aaditya Vamsa Sarithiram
27. 1937. Ramalinga Gurukkal and V.A.Kumariya Nadar - Nadar Mannarum Nayaka Mannarum
28. 1956 K.Kochukrishnan Nadar, Kerala - Nadar Charitram
29. 1968. Manavalakkuruchi Dass - Yar Intha Nadargal
30. 1969. Robert L. Hardgrave Jr. - The Nadars of Tamilnad -the Political culture of acommunity in change
31. 1996. Dennis Temple man - The Northern Nadars of Tamilnad
32. 1998. K.G.M.Raj. Kerala, - Nadar Charitram BC 2000 Mudal AD 1921 Vare,
33. 2002. M.Immanuel - The Dravidian Lineages- The Nadars Through The Ages
34. 2003 Elamthottasm Sukumar -Santor Puranam (Based on famous book of C. Cornalius- Amarar Puranam)
35. 2005. M.Immanuel - Anatomy of a Folklore -King Viira Martanda Varma & a Spy
36. 2006. M.Immanuel - Kanniyakumari -Aspects and Architects
37. 2009. M.Immanuel - Saint Thomas in India - A Critical View
There is a continuous flow of books on the History of Nadars, ever since the question was raised by Bishop Caldwell. The earlier Palm-Leaf Text is Vlamkaimaalai. This has been re-edited and discussed and criticized by Dr.Ramachandran, an archaeologist and some others. There are several other texts and Books. The important Copper Plates now under Critical View is The Famous Thachachanvilai Copper Plate given to Thiruppapu-Anandapadmanabhan, a relative of King Martanda Varma. They have the records from Madras archaeological dept. certifying the ownership of 12 other Grants.. The other Plates are the Thanjavur plates, Dharmaraja's Copper plates given to the Puthupparakkal family, which is in the Court Case, yet to be released .
We are in the process of consolidating the books about Nadar history which are currently available for sale. There are about 100 books about the Nadars, but most of them are out of print and non-available. We would invite persons to send us copies or help re-print such rare books.
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