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1. Tolkappiyar (First Linguistic Grammarian of the World)
2. Cheraman Perumal Nayanar (One of the Emperors in the lines of Perumals, an epithet to the Nadars)
3. Kalankaaikanninaar Mudi Cheral (One of the many famous kings of Vrishni Kula Nadars)
4. Cheral Athen (A great Chera King who made expedition to the north)
5. Sundara Pandyan (one of the later Pandya kings who brought troubles on the Tamil country on dispute of crown)
6. Kali Kaatha Perumal Naden ( A Noble Nadan who stood for Social Rights for the Nadans)
7. Alvar Naden (a Noble Nadan who fought for the Social Rights)
8. Ayyan Thiruvadi Thiruppappu (From the early dynasty of Chera kings, a reputed Warrior)
9. Kumara Viira Marthandan Naden (a Noble Nadan who fought for the Social Rights of later Nadars)
10. Niila Marthandan Nadan Chirava (A Noble Nadan who had supplied army to the Travancore kings, but fought many Court Cases later)
11. Chithambara Chiravai Thiruvadi (Noble Warrior of  Nadan family who helped the Travancore kings in the later days)
12. Dharma Raja (King of Travancore (1758-1798 who had issued many Copper Plates to the Nadar families)
13. Udaya Marthanda Kulasekhara Perumal (King of Travancore from 1798-1810)
14. Mooka Naden (a Social Revolutionary who Entered into the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, but was punished by the Aryan Brahmanical propagators, but fought the case)
15. Viira Marthanda Varma Maharaja (An adopted Nadar from the Royal family, founder of modern Travancore, relative of Great Warrior, Anandapadmanabhan Nadar
16. Thiruppapu Anandapadmanabhan (Relative of King Martanda Varma, Warrior, who helped to make modern Travancore, Owner of Thachanvilai Copper-Plate)
17. Saint Ayya Vaikunda Swamigal (Noble born, was ill-treated as Channar Swamy, put to jail, brimstone, Lion's Den, came out unharmed, tore of the kings rule of 'Conditions' of subjugation, preached 'Equality to all, in the age old principles of Asoka the great, a path-maker for all modern Revolutions)
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