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The fall of the Nadars - (16th-18th century AD)
History records that the major wealth and treasures of Nadars were taken in several carts by the Muslim invaders. The repeated Mugul invasions to the Tamil country has opened the way for the entry of the Vijayanagara lords and finally the Nayaks into the Nadar Kingdom, especially after the period of Soundara Pandyan. Most of the royalties from the Nadar groups have either surrendered to the Nayaks or taken side with the Brahmanical supremacy, and only certain minor Chieftains, here and there were hiding in some forest tracts, and some escaping to the ancestral brothers in the nearby Chera Country, Mysore, etc. Many families have even followed pseudo names for the hiding. A few conservative Nadan families have tried to re-organise and resist the enemies in order to re-capture powers. Alwar Naden, Kali Kaatha Perumal Naden, Navab Kumara Marthandan Nadar were a few among them. Here some have been betrayed or killed, but Kalai kaatha Perumal Naden has accepted Catholic Christian religion and worked for social causes, paving way for the new way of Social Revolutions.
It is to be recorded here that "Tamil" was the undisputed language in the Chera country all along. But, it was the tactics of the Sanskritised groups of Aryans to change the language of the country or the regions, before implanting their new social ideologies. So, it was in the 16th century AD, that the Nambutiri groups of Kerala formed a new language for Kerala, called the Malayalam. Initially, it was a mixture of Sanskrit and Tamil, added with new vocabularies. It was known by the name, Manipravalam. But, when it has become to the middle of 17th century AD, the new language, Malayalam has been created by the Aryan force and their Agents, through Ezhuthachchan and Kunjan Nambiyar. With this new language, Malayalam, the new lords, the Nambutiris (a mixed fallen Brahmo-kshatriyas) have become the supreme law givers of the country. This period has seen the worst of eradication of the real history of the Nadars. Yet, the real Royal orders were recorded in Copper plates and Inscriptions in the original "Villavan Code" language of the Nadars. This is proved in many of the inscriptions of south India. This period had seen the great down fall of the Nadars in Kerala as well as in the Tamil country. Kerala was the worst affected country for the Nadars, and the Christian Missionaries had made it a good "Fishing-field" from the Nadar community. Hence the original Jains, Hindus, Muslims from the Nadar community have started becoming Christians in large numbers, and the major group in the southern Kanyakumari and Thirunelvelly districts. Yet, as back as 1798-1810, one of the famous Perumal kings from the Nadar tribe who ruled the land was Udaya Martanda Kulasekhara Perumal of Eraniyel, whose descendants are still alive, of course, without kingdom, but with certain records of their royalty.
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