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Turning Down the History
There was a time in India when the ruling king, (Ko), 'Naden' or the Kshatriyas were considered on the top ranks of reverence and power, and then only came the 2nd rank to the Brahmin (ancient or traditional Priest). But, as the Aryan Brahmins took charge of the affairs, ousting the traditional King-Priests of the normal ways, slowly, the Brahmins (Modern) took charge of the top rank saying themselves that they are the representatives of god (or as the newly invented HEAD-BORN) and hence they are to be ON THE TOP OF ALL THE RANKS. But, in the earlier tradition, it was the king himself, or his representative from the kindred groups, who were officiating as the Priests,(as we see in the early traditions of King Desaratha or Rama of ancient times) for Homa, Yagna, and the other rituals, etc., and he was the top ranking authority. Aryanism (Modern Brahmanism) has reverted the traditional system of ranking and brought crucial change into the system of governess and thereby in history also. Recording of these sort of secondary development of ranking was given more projection only through the later literature. But, Buddhism and Jainism have held the traditional ranking grades till very late, than the so called Vedic Texts. These sort of critical history is seldom recorded or even totally omitted or eradicated in the 11th or 14th century AD, through repeated versions of Manusmriti; and the modern Brahmins created a group of people to follow and implement their law by supporting and lifting up a new rival class, or the Sudras from the lower levels, against the true Kshatriyas. These new groups have got support for them even from the new outsiders, like the Mugals, British or the Dutch, in the later period. Such analytical history had not been written yet to highlight the real facts of events of history in India. Even in Independent India, the rudiment power of Indian Kshatriyas (mainly their wealth) are being used for mobilizing certain 'New Agenda' at the cost of the larger Kshatriyas population, or the common people using the 'Wealthy Kshatriyas'.
To keep the people uneducated or ignorant of the affairs, was the success of the Aryan Brahmins as preached by Manusmrithi. In addition to this, they also wanted to spread enormous superstitions like 'Head-born, Thigh-born, Surya-kula, Moon Race', and so on. They said it was a sin for a Shudra to listen to the Vedas or to pronounce them, or even to learn letters. At the same time, they took the 'Wealthy Shudras' in their hand to procreate through their women folk, making new generations to fight the cause of the Aryans as they did among the Nairs of Kerala in the period from the 15th to 19th century AD. It was against this practice of 'immoralising Nair Women' that Sri Chatampi Swamigal has agitated and fought for the cause of the Nair hereditary rights (the Nambutiri Brahmins never gave heir rights to their children born in Sudra -Nair women), because they never had the possibility to know their fathers, as their women were, under the influence of the Brahmin Nanbutiries, who, one after the other, were engaged with the same woman, with the consent of her family heads (Elamkulam Kunjan Pilla). This has created a new race, as a matter of fact, a series of castes like the Sal-Shudra, Nair, Menon (children born in Nair women for the Arya Brahmin). Because of this practice, the Nairs could not get girls for their men and they had to lead a fight organized by Chattambi swami gal, in 1920, for their rights (Elamkulam, Travancore State Declaration, etc.). Although Arya Brahmins procreated children in the Shudra or Nair women, or the Pillai, they did not give the right of heir to the children. The Brhamins followed the patriarchal system whereas the children of Brahmins in the Nair women could follow only matriarchal system like the other Shudra caste. It was only around 1920-s that they got their rights registered by the government through a separate declaration. But the Nadars, as any other Kshatriya groups of India had their Patriarchal system from the very beginning of their history. But, there are incidents that the Nadars chose or selected a male member from the kings' sister's children, when there was no 'MALE CHILD AVAILABLE' in the Royal family. King Martanda Varma (1729-1758) was an example to this. There are many other examples also. But, with the help of the Brahmanical (modern) writers, the Sal-Sudras (Nairs and Pillais) made an impression that Kerala was traditionally a Matriarchal country. This was only a camouflaging of true history.
In order to get the upper hand to the Aryan Brahmins (modern), the Aryans blindly declared that all the Indian inhabitants were "Shudras" unfit to hold Kshatriyahood. They could go to any extent of lies. According to the recorded history, the Aryan invasion or the period of the Brahmin race (modern) starts from 1500-1000 BC. But according to the Aihole Inscription, the famous Bharata War, a vital Event of Indian history had occurred in 3102 BC, almost a thousand years before the advent of the Aryan Brahmins. The great Dravidian king, 'Manuvaivasvat' was living in India in c 3100 BC. The Dravidian Sage, "Yayati" (Nada) was living in India in c 3000 BC. The most highly projected king of the Aryan Brahmins, Lord-King 'Rama' was living in India around c1950 or calculated in between 2350-1950 BC, in India (Dravidian Lineages). The Dravidian Sage, Valmiki was living around the period c2350-1950 BC. (The History and Culture of Indian People -Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1956). The Vrishni Kula Nadar King: 'Krishna' was living in India in 1950-1400 BC. Yet, the newly arrived Aryan Brahmins declared him and the indigenous Indians were 'unfit to rule the land' because they all were "Mlechchas" or unclean in front of their sight and the Brahmins (modern) invented a new method in 19th century AD, in Kerala, to 'CLEAN' the Indian rulers to become a Kshatriya by passing him through the mouth of a COW MADE OF PURE GOLD AND MAKE HIM PASS THROUGH ITS GENITAL and the GOLDEN COW is to be given free to the Arya Brahmin. The king becomes a 'Pure' Ksdhatriya fit to rule the land, and the country is called, GOD'S OWN COUNTRY for the feast made to ten thousand Brahmins in the specially made Uttupurahs (feasting Halls). There are several hundred of such Uttupurahas in Kerala. What was the principles involved behind all these ritual formalities except the pure exploitation of the wealth of the land by land or gold? When they wrote history, they made the aboriginal Vrishni Kula Nadar King, Krishna a Demon(History and culture of indian people) and a Mleccha. But, when they saw the resistance from the Vrishnis otherwise called the Panayans (Tanjore Peruvudayar Inscriptions), they have accepted him in the group of 'Aryan gods' later. These are the juggleries done to the Indian history and to the history of the Nadars by the Aryan invaders. The so called 'Nairs of Kerala' are known to have had no noble history or special nomenclature, except as 'Shudras' in all their records, till 1920, and no history books written as an upper class till a few decades ago, but, now, a series of 'upper-class' claims are given by them from the last 40-50 years. As they are mostly a mixed breed of Nambutiris and Pillais in Sudra women, they get all the support of the 'Modern Brahmins' and their allied groups. The last ten or twenty years are filled with such fake editing and literary projections far from truth(A peoples revolt in Travancore). For example, their Caste-Leader of the sixties, Sri Mannathu Padmanabhan, is a son of a Nambutiri Brahmin, and they feel proud on it to declare it to the public, whereas the NADARS would never welcome such a Brahmin (modern) in their household, not to speak of any pride at all. There are incidents that the Nadas have 'Killed' their daughters whenever such demand or attempt made from such 'super-quarters' (The Draidian Lineages- Nadars Through the Ages).
But, now , when new researchers have done 'Sweating Researches' and brought out many of the hidden truths to light, the same Aryan Brahmins (modern) forsake all their old claims of "High Born Aryan Origin" and try to become as indigenous as any of the Parayas or Pulayas or any 'forest tribe' of India to establish his citizenship here with its glorious past. They have invented some 'Fake Researcher, even joining hands with a Westerner' to pull along the soft Neck of the COW OF THE INDUS VALLEY by applying the modern Computer and elongating its head to make it A HORSE, an Aryan HORSE, TO ESTABLISH HIS SUPREMACY, WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE WESTERNER, because he knows that anything told by an outsider will be accepted by the Indians. That is the sort of training given to them for generations together through the verses of Manusmriti Of course, the 'Thought Banks of Indians' are becoming more prone to analyze the facts before accepting it totally
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