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Nadars from Dravidian King Manuvaivasvat to Bharata War: ( 3100 BC-1950 BC)

A King namely "Manu Niithi Kavalan" is referred to in the history of the Nadars, in their Palm-leaf Text, Valamkaimaalai. This king is referred to in the history of the Cholas also. In fact, the Choladesa has been the meeting place of the North and South for several centuries for several reasons. This period, 3100 BC- 1950 BC is a very critical one in the history of India. This is a period coming more closer to the events of world history, or rather, the world is beginning to know about India (it is around c. 970-931 BC(The Bible), that the King Solomon of the Bible sends his emissaries to collect Tusks, fine woods, Sweet-smelling franklins from the Chera country, and valuable Pearls and Peacocks from the Pandya Nadens, probably from Ophiir). This period is also considered to be the period prior to "Aryan Invasion". This is also a period in which the famous Bharata War is supposed to have been fought, involved by the whole of India, consisting of 56 kingdoms from South to North, and East to West (History and culture of Indian people). One Inscription namely the Aihole Inscription points out the period of war to be around 3102 BC. (History and Culture of Indian People). But for many reasons 1500-1000 BC is taken as the period of Bharata War by historians. Although the epics tell us that the King of Chera country, probably, Perunchottu Udayanar  or Perumchottru Cheral Athen, had supplied the entire food for the warriors, not much is mentioned about his fame, kingdom, and other history of the South. We have to be thankful at least this much is mentioned about the Chera Nadans of that period. In fact, the history of the whole of the Athen Kings is buried under the sands of time.
Fortunately, we have some history from the King Manuvaivasvat downwards. He was a Dravidian King, and was opposing the foreign invasions. But, the history we have today has made Manuvaivasvat and all the kings down from him, including the great King Ramachandra and the King Krishna as Aryan characters whereas we have many information from the literature that these kings were Dravidians, and Tamils from the Nadar (Santor) Clan. A number of epithets used for these kings, in literature, prove this. There is one book, namely Amarar Puranam which explains the origin and dynastical relations of these kings of this period and later, linked up to the history of Nadars as members of the Naden dynasty. It is difficult to explain that how those original Tamil / Prakrit or Pali records were destroyed when Sanskritisation took place in a still later period. Historical research reveals that Manuvaivasvat was the ancestor of Yayathi - Naishidha -Yadu etc., who were the ancestors of the Naden Kings with whom were thriving many Chedi Kings (Dynastic chart given in The History and Culture of Indian People), along with still more branches of clans of Nadans. For more details the book, The Dravidian Lineages- Nadars through the Ages, may be referred to.
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